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See the Whole Picture With a Children’s Eye Exam

Visual skills start developing as soon as we’re born. Just like some kids learn to walk or talk at different ages, kids also reach different visual milestones as they grow up. Their eyes keep changing and growing until they’re in their early 20s. But when a child has vision issues, some visual skills might not fully develop, affecting their ability to learn in school and excel in sports.

At McGugan Eye Care, we’re here to help your child succeed. Regular comprehensive eye exams let us evaluate and support your child’s visual development. Schedule your child’s routine eye check-up to help protect their vision.

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Why Children’s Eye Exams Matter

Children rely on vision to learn from their surroundings. In infancy, they explore what their loved ones look like, learn hand-eye coordination, and begin recognizing shapes and colors. As they enter school, their sight becomes crucial for reading, math, and engaging in sports. All the visual skills they develop in childhood help contribute to their academic, physical, and social success.

When to Have Your Child’s Eyes Checked

Regular eye exams do more than just test your child’s eyesight. Comprehensive eye exams provide a complete eye health check-up, evaluating their visual acuity, eye growth, and muscle development. We want to help your child see clearly and comfortably. If we detect any vision concerns, we can provide appropriate correction or treatment to protect their sight.

Your child’s first eye exam should be when they are 6–9 months of age. At this time, our friendly optometrists will check if your child’s eyes are working together and developing properly.

Children between ages 2–5 should have at least one eye exam, preferably before they begin school. Our optometrists will be able to get your child set up with their prescription and a pair of glasses before they begin school and start identifying and treating symptoms like strabismus (crossed eyes) and amblyopia (lazy eye).

Children’s eyes will continue to develop through their youth and teen years. Therefore, it’s important they have annual eye exams between ages 6–19 to support their vision as their needs change.

Routine Eye Exams Help Monitor Visual Development  

Sometimes, kids don’t complain about poor vision because they don’t have anything to compare it to. If they don’t get regular eye exams, refractive errors like nearsightedness (myopia) might go unnoticed or be mistaken for clumsiness and behavior issues. Without proper support, vision problems can potentially cause developmental challenges.

Common vision issues children experience from a young age include:

Astigmatism (blurred vision at all distances)

Vision & Life Skills

Vision plays a significant role in how kids learn throughout their lives. Poor vision can make school challenging and even lead to misdiagnosis of developmental issues like ADHD. Plus, kids must develop visual skills, like hand-eye coordination and depth perception, to excel in sports and enjoy recreational activities.

In fact, 88% of Canadians with visual impairments have felt the direct impact on their education, career choices, and employment. But with regular eye exams, we can give kids the visual support they need, from controlling myopia to lifestyle strategies that help prevent vision problems.

Set Your Child for Success With an Eye Exam

Regular eye exams for your child can make a difference. The sooner we evaluate and diagnose any vision issues, the easier to treat them. If you think your child might be having trouble with their vision or it’s time for a check-up on their visual milestones, book an appointment with our friendly team. We’re here to support you and your family.

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