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Dry Eyes Sting: Restore Your Eye Comfort

Having irritated, stinging, and red eyes can be frustrating. Dry eyes are uncomfortable and can also affect your vision. You might feel your eyes are scratchy or overly watery, but finding relief seems impossible. Even after a good night’s rest or taking a break from staring at screens, your eyes are still tired.

Dry eye affects millions, but relief is possible. Our optometrists can help you find a long-term solution for your dry eye symptoms. We’ve got take-home tips and noninvasive in-office treatments. Request an appointment today to get started. 

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That Dry Feeling: Common Signs & Symptoms

Dry eye usually includes one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Scratchy, stinging, or burning sensation
  • Feeling like there’s something in your eye
  • Red eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurry vision
  • Watery eyes
  • Strained or tired eyes

Why Are My Eyes Dry?

Dry eye is caused by tears that aren’t doing their job. Your eyes may not produce enough quality tears, or your tears are drying too quickly, leaving your eyes vulnerable to irritation. Certain medications, skin conditions like rosacea, or even environmental factors like low humidity, dust, wind, smoke, and pollen can affect your tear quality.

Your tears are made up of 3 parts that work together to provide proper lubrication and protection for your eyes. Water, meibum (oil), and mucus create a tear that stays in your eye, lubricates it, and assists with providing clear vision. 

Common Causes of Dry Eye

Dry eye us complex and can include many contributing causes:

Dry Eye Treatments at McGugan Eye Care

Our optometrists will work together with you to find personalized strategies for soothing your dry eyes. We’ll get to know your experience and conduct a thorough dry eye screening to understand the factors contributing to your symptoms. With meibography, we’ll look at the oil glands in your eyelids, and by testing tear breakup time (TBUT), we’ll evaluate how long your tears last.

We have a range of treatments and options available. Whether using prescription eye drops, heated eye masks, or innovative technology-powered treatments, our primary goal is to help you regain your eye comfort. 

Many dry eye treatments use heat to melt clogged oil glands. But low level light therapy (LLLT) uses gentle, invisible red light that doesn’t create heat, making it safe for sensitive skin. The meibomian glands in the eyelids absorb energy from this light, triggering an immune response that helps control inflammation and improve oil flow. 

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy uses broad wavelengths and light pulses to address inflammation and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). By delivering controlled heat, the light energy helps melt thick oil trapped in the eyelid glands. This process helps release oil into the tear film so moisture can last longer.

When thick oils get clogged in the meibomian glands, expressing the glands can help release the oils to restore tear quality. Your optometrist will apply gentle pressure to the eyelids, carefully expressing the glands to help release trapped oils and unclog the glands.

Imagine starting and ending your day with a routine that helps soothe your eyes. OCuSOFT dry eye products are designed to help maintain eye health and reduce uncomfortable symptoms.

  • The eyelid sprays contain hypochlorous acid, a natural but powerful disinfectant. 
  • The eye masks deliver moist heat to help soothe scratchy, tired eyes.

Find Relief with Dry Eye Therapy

Our optometrists are here for you. Dry eye is a chronic condition, so it’s important to address it to avoid potential complications like frequent eye infections and scarred eye tissue. We genuinely want to help you find relief that makes a difference so you can enjoy longer periods of comfort. If your eyes aren’t feeling their best, let’s talk about how we can help.

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