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Considering Laser Eye Surgery?

Many people consider laser eye surgery to correct refractive errors, gain clearer vision, and get rid of their glasses. Although you might not have perfect vision after laser eye surgery—and you may not permanently be glasses-free—it is an excellent option to help fix refractive errors for those who are eligible.

To know for sure if you’re an eligible candidate for laser eye surgery, book a consultation with an optometrist.

Set Your Sights on Laser Surgery

Are you daydreaming about life without glasses? If you have been forgetting about inserting and removing contact lenses, and where you put your prescription sunglasses, laser eye surgery might be for you.

If so, you might want to consider laser eye surgery. This common procedure helps correct or improve myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. Laser eye surgery can also correct presbyopia: a procedure called monovision . The two most common laser eye surgery types are PRK and LASIK.


With PRK, the surgeon will remove the outer layer of the cornea with a laser. Then, the laser (guided by a computer) will vaporize small amounts of tissue under the surface of the cornea, removing just enough to reshape the cornea and correct vision. The initial PRK healing process typically takes around 1 week.

With LASIK surgery, the surgeon will cut a flap in the cornea and lift it up. A computer-guided laser then removes tissue from the inside layers of the cornea to reshape the eye’s surface, and then the flap is placed back into its spot. The healing time from LASIK is typically quicker than PRK.

Is It Right for You?

Our optometrists will help determine if laser eye surgery is an option to help you correct or improve your vision.

You may be a candidate for laser eye surgery if you:

You will receive more personalized detail about the criteria required for laser eye surgery at your consultation.

Find Out More

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about laser eye surgery at your consultation. We want you to be as informed as possible so you can feel confident in your decision about laser eye surgery. We will also discuss any risk factors or reasons why you may or may not be a suitable candidate.

To find out more and get started on your laser eye surgery journey, book your consultation.

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Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

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Children’s Eye Exams

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