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Find the Lens Fit for Your Lifestyle

Contact lenses give you the freedom to see the world clearer with a full field of view. 

You may wear your contacts every day, just as a backup for your favorite frames, or even for those special photo moments. Contact lenses also come in handy for sports—no more worrying about your frames getting jostled during the big game. Plus, you can show off stylish sunglasses without the hassle of switching between frames indoors and outdoors.

At McGugan Eye Care, we can help you keep your eyes happy and healthy with a lens option that meets your vision needs. Schedule your contact lens exam today, and let us care for your eyes.

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Why Do You Need a Contact Lens Exam?

During a contact lens exam, we evaluate your eye health and vision specifically for contact lens wear. Since the lens rests right on your eye, it’s crucial to customize a fit that promotes comfort and protects your eye health. 

Even if your prescription hasn’t changed since your last visit, we take the time to re-evaluate the eye’s surface and lens fit to determine if your contact lenses still meet your needs.

Types of Contact Lenses

At McGugan Eye Care, we offer quality contact lens brands at affordable prices. We want every person to feel comfortable and enjoy clear vision. Each person’s vision needs are unique, so we offer various contact lenses to suit your eyes. We carry:

How We Help You Find the Right Fit

Finding the right contact lens fit is like shopping for the perfect pair of jeans. Your contact lenses should fit your eyes in all the right places to be comfortable (and provide appropriate vision correction).

Your optometrist is like your personal shopper. At your contact lens exam, your eye doctor will assess your prescription, measure your eyes, and consider what type of contact lenses suit your needs.

If your first pair isn’t the right match, you can try on a different pair. Sometimes, this process takes a few tries, but we’re committed to helping you find what works for your vision and eye health. 

During your exam, your optometrist will also check the health of your cornea to see if it’s safe for you to wear contacts. If you have dry eyes, your contact lenses might feel uncomfortable, or your optometrist may advise against using them. If you’re a good fit, we’ll recommend lens types based on your eye health and vision needs.

After the exam, you’ll receive a pair of fitting lenses to experience. If you haven’t worn contact lenses before, your optometrist will teach you how to insert and remove them from your eye. Then, you can take the contact lenses home to see if they are comfortable for everyday wear.

Let’s Find Your Contact Lens Style Today

We have contact lenses for all kinds of wearers. Whether you need corrective lenses for near or far vision, astigmatism, presbyopia, or any other vision condition, we’ll help you find your contact lens fit. Even if you have dry eye, we can expand your options and find what works best for you.

Schedule a contact lens exam with one of our optometrists today.

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Alfred Sung Anne Taylor Champion TLG Beaver Canoe Hackett Vera Wang Silhouette Inface Nicole Miller Ray Ban Bertelli Fysh Izumi Kliik OTP Stepper Super Flex Maui Jim Psycho Bunny
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