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Identifying an Eye Care Emergency

If you think you’re experiencing an eye care emergency, please call us right away. If it is after office hours, please visit your nearest emergency room.

Not all eye care emergencies are the result of an obvious accident. Some emergencies, like a retinal detachment, seemingly happen for no reason at all.

Certain eye care emergencies require immediate attention to prevent vision loss. Knowing what an emergency is and how to treat it could help prevent permanent damage in the future. Never hesitate to contact us or head to an emergency department if you have any concerns about new vision symptoms.

Common Eye Care Emergencies

Causes of eye care emergencies can include:

  • Blunt trauma
  • Chemical sprays or aerosols
  • Liquid or heat burns
  • Foreign objects in the eye
  • Cuts and scratches
  • Eye infections

Seek emergency care if you experience:

  • A sudden onset or worsening of flashes or floaters
  • Intense headaches
  • A dark curtain or veil in your vision
  • Sudden blurred vision in one or both eyes

When to See a Doctor

Your eye health is vulnerable to many injuries that could affect your vision. Continue reading to find out when you should seek help from an eye doctor or emergency medical professional. 

Cuts & Scratches

If you get something in your eye and it causes a visible scratch, it’s time to seek emergency eye care. Cuts on your eye or eyelid can cause damage to your vision.

If you are bleeding, do not apply any pressure as this can damage your eye. You may apply a cold compress to help alleviate any swelling. If blood is pooling in the eye, you can apply a clean cloth over the area while you are seeking emergency assistance. Do not wipe at the area, as this can cause more damage.

Foreign objects and corneal abrasions are uncomfortable and can even cause irreparable damage to your eye. If you think you have something in your eye, or if you can visibly see debris in your eye, begin by rinsing your eye under lukewarm water to try to flush out the object.

It’s important not to rub your eye, which may cause the object to scratch your cornea, affecting your vision permanently. If the issue persists and flushing your eye doesn’t dislodge the object, seek help from a medical professional who should be able to remove it for you.

Getting hit in the head or face is painful enough, but did you know that even if you weren’t hit in the eye, it can cause eye health problems?

Some trauma can cause broken bones around the eye, iris injuries, retinal tears, and retinal detachment.

Household cleaners and products do contain harmful chemicals that can cause burns or injuries to your eyes. If you get chemicals in your eye, begin by seeking medical attention right away, and start flushing the chemical out of your eyes as soon as possible using lukewarm water or a saline solution.

Seeking Help

Eye care emergencies aren’t always caused by something obvious. On occasion, they occur inside your eye without your knowledge, until something appears wrong.

In any case, if you believe you are experiencing an eye care emergency, it is best to seek medical assistance as quickly as possible to prevent any permanent damage.

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